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elephant ball

To My Ball: How I'm Going Rogue With My Studies and Technology

On deciding to drop a (cheap!) master's program to study on my own

February 8, 2019

menos mal

Less Bad: Thoughts On Gratitude

How I'm opting to remain positive even when hitting Ctrl-Z on life

January 8, 2019

dog running dust

!Put Feet In Dusty! How Not To Run Away In Uncomfortable Situations Abroad

Thoughts on dealing with social anxiety as an introvert

January 6, 2019

gozo pozo

My Happiness in a Well (Ctrl-Z)

How I'm reconsidering some of my most difficult decisions from 2018

December 27, 2018

letters sesame street

I'm Of Letters

How and why this non-science and non-math girl decided to study tech-related things

November 10, 2018

beach island

To Be A** of Bad Seat: How I'm Always On The Move

For some of us, it's hard to sit still.

May 9, 2018

To the Bread, Bread, and to the Wine, Wine: How I Went From Student Visa to Autónomo In Spain

Legalese with a little splash of strawberry orujo at the end

May 6, 2018

paris cafe

I Passed It Sunflower Seed: That Time I Finally Went To Paris

C'était bien ... très bien.

May 3, 2018