Libertas Abogados: The Story

Libertas Abogados is a law firm in Bilbao, Spain which was looking to attract new clients.

First, I analyzed the existing site and found it was very wordy, without clear contact info, with out of date email addresses and not many graphics.

I asked one of the firm partners what potential clients of a law firm want, and found they look for easy contact information and a general idea of their specialties. I visualized a clean, simple layout with basic summaries of their offerings and clear buttons to contact the firm.

I sketched out a few site ideas on paper, then took those ideas to Sketch & InVision to flesh them out. I asked for feedback from people who don’t know the company, and their response was that some of the buttons could be better arranged, but the overall layout was easy to follow and attractive.

With those revisions I undertook the final coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. The final product is a mobile-responsive, clean design with icons and bold buttons.

In addition, I added the firm's office to Google Business which put them squarely on the map.

bullet journal sketch bullet journal sketch invision mockup libertas abogados website final libertas abogados mobile

Memory Game: JavaScript DOM Manipulation

In Udacity's Front End Development Nanodegree program, I learned how to use JavaScript to manipulate elements by adding event listeners, and I put the skills to the test developing the game Memory.

memory game

Frogger Game: Object-Oriented JavaScript

I completed this project in Udacity's Front End Nanodegree program, using classes to render the player and the bug enemies.