Sarah Aronson, Author & Radio Host

Sarah Aronson is a Montana-based writer of poetry and she also hosts The Write Question, a radio show dedicated to literature. Sarah needed a page to show her writing portfolio and link to her radio show and events. I sketched mockups and used InVision for a digital rough draft, and to finish the product I created a smooth and responsive page with a simple left sidebar menu to showcase her work.

Skills: InVision, Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Gulp, PHP

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Libertas Abogados: The Story

Libertas Abogados is a law firm in Bilbao, Spain which was looking to attract new clients.

First, I analyzed the existing site and found it was very wordy, without clear contact info, with out of date email addresses and not many graphics.

I asked one of the firm partners what potential clients of a law firm want, and found they look for easy contact information and a general idea of their specialties. I visualized a clean, simple layout with basic summaries of their offerings and clear buttons to contact the firm.

The final product is a mobile-responsive, clean design with icons and bold buttons.

In addition, I added the firm's office to Google Business which put them squarely on the map.

Skills: Sketch, InVision, HTML, CSS, Flexbox, JavaScript, PHP

bullet journal sketch bullet journal sketch invision mockup libertas abogados website final libertas abogados mobile

Graphic Design

Using Visme and Canva, I designed social graphics and charts for various articles.